On The Un Separation of Church and State

Videos like this make me laugh.

The video was part of the scene at yesterday’s Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers baseball game.

Once again, what we see demonstrates the utter futility which America exercises in her quest to push God out of memory,  under the pretense of the separation of church and state.

Washington DC, which has attempted this so much, has baked in 100 degree temperatures for two weeks.

How can we ever imagine that the God of the universe, who also built and owns America, will be pushed out through  little stupid laws?

Such unmitigated arrogance hounds many in our country.

May this video remind us that God is alive and well, He is very much unseparated from America, and does with it whatever He darn well pleases.

God bless!

Have a great Monday, everyone.



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1 Comment

  1. Straw everywhere. Totally pulverized that guy.


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